What Do Lovebirds Like To Eat ?

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Its name is quite unique, lovebird or we often call it a love bird. Lovebird is a bird species from Africa that if we put a pair of lovebird in the cage then they will always be together and sticky like a pair of lovers. Its size is small with colorful fur, a special attraction of the bird of love. If you want to keep lovebird, the following list of foods will be very useful.

1. Millet
The staple food of the usual lovebird is a mixture of white millet and red millet. Millet is a feed that is usually given to the seed-eating birds. Its cheap price, good nutritional content and highly favored by birds, makes it very popular among lovebird keepers. Millet can also be presented in the form of sprouts that will make it easier for birds to eat it.
2. Seed Kenari
In addition to millet, walnut seeds are also excellent food for pet birds. Seed-loving birds like lovebirds are very fond of canary seeds or canary seeds. In addition presented in a dry form, you can also turn a walnut seed into a miniature like a millet. The sprouted walnut seeds have better nutrition for lovebirds. 

3.Seed Oat
Not only beneficial to us, oat or oat seed is excellent for lovebird feed. High carbohydrate and protein content is very good for birds that have just given birth and are taking care of their children. Oat seeds are also believed to help the pain recovery process more quickly and increase the weight of birds who have difficulty in gaining weight. In addition he can also fix the structure of skin tissue and feathers of the bird, improve the work of the digestive organs to make birds more calm and not easily stressed.

4.Seed Mustard
Who would have thought that the mustard seeds contain excellent nutrients for lovebirds. This feed will always have mixed feed of love birds because it tastes delicious and will not make the birds become overweight. High protein and omega 3 content is very good for your lovebird flower growth that is still in the process of growth

5. Juwawut
Juwawut has a very good benefit for lovebird because it contains 75% carbohydrate which is a source of energy and 9.8% as a source of protein. In addition, the limestone content contained in it is very good to help the mother birds are laying eggs to always be healthy and excellent. The shape of this juwawut is round with a reddish color, just like millet.

6.Grain of Red Rice
In choosing corn for lovebird feed, you should choose sweet corn. This sweet taste is very liked by lovebirds. In addition to favored by this bird, sweet corn can also maintain eye health, boost immunity so as not easily attacked by disease and even develop and strengthen the bird muscles. However, do not give sweet corn too often because it can make lovebird suffer from obesity. 
7. Apple
Lovebird prefers apples that are red in color compared to green apples. This is because red apples have a sweeter taste. Apples can actually help increase the stamina of birds to avoid various diseases. In the presentation, you should peel the apple first and wash it clean so that the remaining pesticides in the apple can be lost. 

8. Bean sprouts
Similar to apples, bean sprouts are believed to provide more stamina to the lovebird so they can be more active, healthy and often chirping beautifully. Soy bean seeds that have germinated nausea have higher nutrients and more complete nutrition. Surely you want a lovebird that can be kept chirping loudly and long right? 

9. Kangkung
Kangkung become food mainstay for the birds chirping, one of them lovebird. Kangkung with a variety of nutritional content, can increase the lust of the birds so he will be more diligent chirping. This trick is often done before lovebird in a race in a chirp race. However, be careful in the provision of water spinach because it is not good given to the parent birds who are taking care of their children.

10. Mustard
Lovebird enough fruits and fresh vegetables, one of them mustard. Sawi can be used as an additional food for lovebird that is useful to keep the feathers in order to always shine. Giving of mustard can be alternated in accordance with the taste of the bird. Do not forget to keep applying a balanced diet so that all lovebird nutrition can be met well for optimal growth. 

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